Apache Libcloud Links All Clouds Together

Apache Libcloud

Apache Libcloud brings interoperability among different cloud setups/providers.  It provides only single Application Programming Interface to manage various cloud resources. It fulfills the long time dream of hiding the differences among multiple cloud systems. Now developers can write applications that will run on almost all popular cloud infrastructures with great ease. It supports all popular cloud service … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose RHEL Over CentOS

Centos RHEL

Linux is the preferred operating system for production servers and critical systems. Linux has over 300 popular flavors / distributions that are being used all around the globe by users to cater their modern day computing needs. The most important choices among Linux distributions are Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian.  Ubuntu and Debian are used by … Read more

How To Install Kontena Master On CentOS 7 And Ubuntu 16.04


Kontena is an open-source and a new developer-friendly platform for deploying, managing, scaling and monitoring containerized applications across multiple hosts on any cloud infrastructure. It is primarily targeted for running applications composed of multiple containers, such as elastic, distributed micro-services. It simplifies deploying and running containerized applications that provides a complete and cost-efficient solution for … Read more

How To Repair Grub Boot Loader On Ubuntu Linux 16.04 /15.10 / 15.04

Boot Repair

Grub (GRand Unified Bootloader) is the default boot loader application for most Linux/Unix systems. It lets users choose from multiple operating systems (provided you have more than one operating systems installed on your system) or boot into different kernel versions if your computer system is running only Linux operating system. If there is any corruption … Read more