Install Microsoft Office 2010 using PlayOnLinux On Ubuntu 15.04

PlayOnLinux is a well known application which lets you run Microsoft Windows programs and games on Linux operating system. It uses renowned Wine application on the backend, and is considered a graphical frontend for Wine. Although Linux operating system comes with an awesome office application suite called LibreOffice, but some users still prefer to use Microsoft’s Office application suite. You can install it using PlayOnLinux utility. Here is how you can run Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu 15.04 operating system.

Installing PlayOnLinux

First of all make sure to install PlayOnLinux on your Ubuntu system so we may use it to install Microsoft Office application suite. Since PlayOnLinux is based on Wine, so we will need to install Wine first before attempting to install PlayOnLinux. Launch your system terminal and run following command to install Wine.

 sudo apt-get install wine 

Once Wine has been installed successfully, run following command to add public key for PlayOnLinux.

 wget -q "" -O- | sudo apt-key add – 

Add PPA information for PlayOnLinux to your  package manager.

 sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list 

Run following command to update your package manager.

sudo apt-get update 

Install PlayOnLinux by using the following command:

 sudo apt-get install playonlinux 

Congratulations, PlayOnLinux has been installed, you can launch it from Applications >> PlayOnLinux option.

Launch PlayOnLinux

Installing MS Office 2010 Using PlayOnLinux

First of all make sure to download the installer file for Microsoft Office Application suite to your Linux system or have its DVD ready.  Launch PlayOnLinux and from “Office” tab, click on “Microsoft Office 2010” option. Click “Next” from here.

PlayOnLinux Install

Choose where the installation material for Microsoft Office resides.

PlayOnLinux Installing

Browse to the location where office installer image is present.

PlayOnLinux Office

Click “Next” to initiate the installation process.

PlayOnLinux Office installing

It will take few minutes to perform the installation; sit back and relax.

PlayOnLinux Office Installation

Congratulations, Microsoft Office has been installed successfully now.

PlayOnLinux MS Office


Wine and PlayOnLinux has really revolutionized the way Microsoft Windows apps can be installed on Linux. It’s pretty easy to run windows programs and games on Linux now. For users migrating from Microsoft to Linux operating system, PlayOnLinux is a must-have utility.

14 thoughts on “Install Microsoft Office 2010 using PlayOnLinux On Ubuntu 15.04

  1. My wife is considering moving to Linux to better her privacy, but it concerned about needing MS Office applications from time to time, so installing Office 2010 would be great so this article is very useful for me. Thanks. How about activation? Does that work using wine? We have a legal copy of Office 2010, but I worry about a Microsoft product activating when it isn’t running on Windows.

  2. Please, seriously?

    From my point of view, there is NOTHING that you could not do with another free office suite.

    Sorry, no, thank you.

  3. This is really helpful. Although LibreOffice is awesome, and very speedy and functional, it has become nearly standard to use MS office. Often, school requires that I use ms office, for compatibility. It is great to be able to use ms office on linux (this tutorial does work, although you need no release keys to install play on linux, just use “sudo apt-get install playonlinux”.

  4. Hello I have a valid/genuine copy of Office 2010 Pro but it does not have the latest Service Pack 2 or security fixes. If I install as detailed above – is there any way to get a SP or updates etc. at a later date? Also if I slipstream SP2 would that work?

  5. I always have had a bug with MSOffice in Linux with Wie, in Excel I cannot open more than a file, with the second one opened appears like an X on the corner, and it is imposible to switch beteen excel files. That is why I left MS Office and start using WPS, but the trouble is WPS is not so complete, I need advanced functions that only MSOffice has, anyone can tell me if has the same bug? May be I’m isntalling the program bad.

  6. Hi, thanks for the tutorial!

    There is still a problem: In Word 2010 it is not possible to use the dropdown box for fonts and font size, the first click shows a very short drop down, afterwards nothing happens.
    I use Ubuntu 16.04, Latest Wine version (1.9.12) with playonlinux.
    I tried the wine version that was installed by playonlinux (1.7.52), set msxml6, gdiplus and riched20 to native(Windows) and installed dotnet20, but nothing changed.
    Do I need any additional dll installed?
    Many thanks!


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