Install Log.io on Ubuntu – Real-time log monitoring in your browser

Introduction to Log.io

Log.io is an immensely useful tool for System Administrators, it lets you monitor your system logs in browser in real time. As soon as any change occurs to your configured log files, Log.io web interface immediately starts reporting that change/update. In this way you can keep track of your system health and resolve services or performance issues.

Log.io has two components; Server component and Harvester.  In harvester component, we specify the log files to monitor, and as soon as any change or update is performed on these log file, it notifies Server component, Server component then relays the inform to us via web browser.

Installing Log.io On Ubuntu 15.04

Let’s see how we can install Log.io on Ubuntu. In order to install it, our Ubuntu system must have Node.js and NPM. Launch your terminal and run following command to install some dependencies.

 sudo apt-get install g++ make git libssl-dev pkg-config 

Let’s install Node.js now. It can be installed via package manager easily, run following commands to install it.

 sudo apt-get install nodejs 

Now run following command to install NPM component.

 sudo apt-get install npm 

Our Ubuntu system is all set to install Log.io now, run following command to install it.

 sudo npm install -g log.io --user "ubuntu" 

Replace “ubuntu” with your actual username.

Once the installation is complete, run following command to start the Log.io server component.


Now start the harvester component by running the following command.


Now launch your browser and load http://localhost:28778 ; it will display Log.io web interface.


Edit Harvester file “/etc/log.io/harvester.conf”  to configure the log files according to your system requirements that you want to keep on monitoring.


Log.io is a very useful and productive tool for monitoring your systems. It can be installed on all popular Linux distributions and is a good tool to have on your production and live servers.

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