How to Install Fedora 22 Workstation on Virtualbox

Fedora 22 was released a few days back with a variety of new features introduced in it. Fedora 22 is reliable, fast, powerful & a user friendly operating system. It is now subdivided into 3 new flavors: i. Fedora Workstation Suitable for students, professionals & developers ii. Fedora Server For server deployments with best & … Read more

How to install Zimbra desktop 7.2.5 On Ubuntu 15.04

Zimbra Desktop Ubuntu

Introduction Zimbra desktop is cross platform, free, open source email client application and it works with many popular email systems. This application supports Zimbra, Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange account types. Zimbra desktop lets you synchronize emails, calendar and contacts data between mailboxes in both local and cloud storages. You can also setup multiple accounts … Read more

How to Install Chromixium, a Chrome OS with the power of Ubuntu Linux

Booting Chromixium

Yeah, we all are excited to hear the news of the release of Chromixium final stable version 1.0 that is now available to download.  Chromixium is one of the best combinations of Chrome OS & Ubuntu that is free to download now & forever. It is an Open source operating system that is designed in … Read more

Run Open Source Anti-Spyware tool Nixory in Ubuntu 15.04

Nixory Main

Nixory is an open source anti-spyware application which focuses on removing malicious tracking cookies from your browsers. Cookies can be used in dangerous ways as well; intruders can use the stored cookies to compromise your privacy. All web browsers uses some folder on your computer system to store data files including cookies, so this tiny … Read more