10 Tips To Improve MariaDB Performance

MariaDB launched by the original MySQL developers, is one of the widely used RDMS. As usage of MariaDB reached an extensive level, the performance management became more critical. MariaDB contains a lot of parameters on which databases are directly dependent. Changing these parameters can improve the performance of your database and eventually the stability of your product. First of … Read more

10 Useful Tips To Improve Nginx Performance


Introduction In this fast paced world where everything is getting online, you can’t afford downtime. Speed and optimization is the most challenging part of ever-evolving computer age. Performance is directly proportional to user experience. You yourself will close the website if it is taking too much time to load. Nginx is one of the widely used web server and it is … Read more

How To Install Ejabberd XMPP Server On CentOS 7


Introduction Ejabberd is an XMPP application widely used around the globe. It is available on several operating systems but in this article,  we will let you know the process to install it on Centos 7 and Ubuntu 15.04, 15.10. It is a free and open source software written in Erlang language. One of the main reasons of its high usage … Read more

Install Quagga Routing Suite on Ubuntu 15.10

Install Quagga

Introduction to Quagga In this fast moving technological world where every day new innovations are occurring open source technologies have gained significant importance. Cisco, juniper and other vendors have occupied a major portion of market but since it’s not affordable for all companies lying in third or fourth tier so they rely on open source software’s where little development … Read more

Achieving Internet and external Connectivity for Openstack Instances using VLANs and Floating IP addresses

Openstack is a well-known cloud system, it is being used extensively to setup private and public cloud infrastructures. Many renowned hosting companies are using openstack based cloud setups to fulfill the modern day computing requirements of their customers. Openstack is a well-organized, well-structured system, but you need to have a decent amount of system administration … Read more