Debian Based Gaming Distribution SteamOS Brewmaster 2.30 is out now

SteamOS Featured

SteamOS is a Debian based operating system, developed by Valve Corporation specifically for gaming purposes. It lets users play steam games, it comes with limited number of features only. As the primary goal of the operating system is to facilitate gamers, so it hardly has any other application pre-isntalled. However, you can use Debain based … Read more

KaOS 2015.8 is out now. Installation Guide


KaOS is a Linux distribution which is built from scratch and uses customized KDE as its desktop environment. It is originally inspired from Arch Linux, but developers built this operating system without using any popular distribution as its base. It uses rolling release model and comes with many productive applications. This operating system is exclusively developed … Read more

Ubuntu Based ExTix 15.3 is out now with lightweight LXQt


ExTix is a Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distribution, known for simplicity and comes with wide range of applications pre-installed. Recently ExTix 15.3 has been launched, it comes with lightweight desktop environment LXQT. This new operating system is based on Debian 8 and Ubuntu 15.04. It also adds support for Linux kernel 4.1.0-3-exton and comes … Read more