Install Cockpit on CentOS 7 – A Web Based System Monitoring Tool

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Cockpit is a free, open source, system monitoring application. It is ideal for monitoring basic services and system health and works perfectly fine. It lets you start/stop or monitor services using both web based interface and command line. If any service is erroring, you can see the error in Cockpit web browser interface. It lets … Read more

Proxmox Virtual Environment (ProxmoxVE) Is An Open Source Virtualization Solution

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Proxmox is an open source and enterprise-ready virtualization solution which lets you create and manage your own virtualization setup. You don’t need to use highly paid virtualization solutions. Simply download and install Proxmox and start creating your virtual machines on top of your hardware. It comes with intuitive web interface and is Debian based system. … Read more

Install Open Source Groupware Citadel on Ubuntu 15.04 and Linux Mint

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Citadel is a well known, open source, completely free Groupware/collaboration application suite which comes bundled with scheduling/calendaring, email, tasks, and file sharing/management applications.  It lets users work on mutual tasks and collaborate easily for the fulfillment of their targets and goals. It is developed in C language and has gained massive popularity over the passage … Read more

Create Web Applications for Your favorite websites with Webby


Webby is a small browser that lets you create web applications for your favorite or frequently visited websites, so in this way you can open your desired website by clicking the shortcut or an option within Application menu. You don’t need internet browser like Firefox, Chrom, etc anymore. The working of this tool is pretty … Read more

ownCloud Desktop Client 2.0 is out now. Install it on Ubutu 15.04

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ownCloud is a client-server application suite that lets you create and manage file hosting services. It is a free and open source application suite so anyone can install and configure their private owncloud server and can start file hosting services. It supports unlimited disk space and any number of connections to your file hosting services. … Read more

eXo Tribe is An Open Source Enterprise Social Platform – Install it On Ubuntu Linux 15.04

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eXo Tribe is a social collaboration platform for enterprises. It lets small to medium scale organizations create their own social network, online community or customer/partner portal etc. This tool makes building an interactive website a piece of cake. It offers built in social collaboration tools like wikis, forums, documents, Q&A, calendars etc. Simply install this application and … Read more