Run Open Source Anti-Spyware tool Nixory in Ubuntu 15.04

Nixory Main

Nixory is an open source anti-spyware application which focuses on removing malicious tracking cookies from your browsers. Cookies can be used in dangerous ways as well; intruders can use the stored cookies to compromise your privacy. All web browsers uses some folder on your computer system to store data files including cookies, so this tiny … Read more

Introduction to Wine-Staging and How to Install it in Ubuntu 15.04/Linux Mint 17.1

wine ubuntu

Most of the Linux users are already aware of the well know application Wine, which runs Windows operating system programs on Linux operating system. Wine is popular and useful application and all Linux distributions support it. Wine makes interoperatability possible between Linux and Windows apps. Wine Staging, as the name suggests, is a special wine … Read more

How to Install REMnux 6 for Malware Analysis and its Prominent Features

Remnux main

Remnux is a lightweight Ubuntu based Linux distribution, which is specifically developed to help reverse engineer and analyze malware. It contains a wide range of apps and features which are mandatory for successful analysis of malware. Forensic investigators and incident reporters can use this tool kit to analyzing Windows and Linux malware, browser-based threats, and … Read more

How to upgrade Evolution Email Client to 3.16 on Ubuntu 15.04

Evolution 3.12

Evolution is the default email client application for Gnome desktop environment. It is considered to be an alternative for Microsoft outlook, it is a free software and combines the features of email client, calendar, address book, and note taking application. Evolution was developed in 2000 and it has been receiving continuous updates from developers till … Read more