Features And Installation Of 3 IDEs On Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS): MonoDevelop , SlickEdit, Netbeans

SlickEdit Linux

Developers are frequently looking for integrated developer environments (IDEs) that meet specific needs or those that offer a broad range of features and supported languages to use on the regular. There are tons of IDEs to choose from, each with a distinct set of functions, features and tools to streamline the workflow. There’s an IDE … Read more

Active Directory Alternative For Linux : How To Install And Setup Resara Server On Linux


Resara Server is an Active Directory compatible open source Linux server for small businesses and simple networks. The management console lets you manage users, share files, and configure DHCP and DNS. Resara Server utilizes a technology called Samba, which is an open source implementation of the Active Directory framework. Although Samba is not actually Active … Read more

How To Create Snapshots And Restore Your Linux System Using Btrfs


Btrfs, which can be pronounced as “Butter FS”, “Better FS”, or “B-Tree FS”, is a modern file system that began development back in 2007. It was merged into the mainline Linux kernel in the beginning of 2009 and debuted in the Linux 2.6.29 release. Btrfs is GPL-licensed but currently considered unstable. Thus, Linux distributions tend … Read more

Linux Server Provisioning Using StackI


Server provisioning is a set of actions to prepare a server, taking it from bare metal to a functioning system complete with an operating system, data and software. There are a number of sophisticated tools available for Linux that are adopted in provisioning servers, offering the ability to simultaneously set up thousands of machine unattended. Automation … Read more

How To Install Openswan And Create Site-to-Site VPN On CentOS 7


Openswan is an open source, user space IPsec implementation available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7. It employs the key establishment protocol IKE (Internet Key Exchange) v1 and v2, implemented as a user-level daemon. Openswan interfaces with the Linux kernel using netlink to transfer the encryption keys. Packet encryption and decryption that happen in the … Read more

How To Install Netbeast On Linux For Developing IoT Applications With Great Ease


Netbeast is the first open source platform to connect smart devices together regardless of their brand or technology for developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications for appliances. It’s an environment-agnostic platform that allows users to ignore details like wireless protocols, brand-specific public APIs, or device detection. One of Netbeast’s main goals is to help foster … Read more