How To Install And Use Atomic Developer Bundle On CentOS 7

atomic bundle

The Atomic Developer Bundle (ADB) is a prepackaged development environment filled with production-grade, pre-configured tools, that makes container developers’ lives easier. The ADB supports the development of multi-container applications against different technologies and orchestrators while providing a path that promotes best practices. It provides a container development ecosystem that ensures developers are able to work … Read more

How To Install Kontena Master On CentOS 7 And Ubuntu 16.04


Kontena is an open-source and a new developer-friendly platform for deploying, managing, scaling and monitoring containerized applications across multiple hosts on any cloud infrastructure. It is primarily targeted for running applications composed of multiple containers, such as elastic, distributed micro-services. It simplifies deploying and running containerized applications that provides a complete and cost-efficient solution for … Read more

How to Install And Use Graphical Network Monitor Etherape On Ubuntu Linux 16


Hello Everyone. In our today’s article we will be going to setup Etherape on Ubuntu 16.04. EtherApe is a packet sniffer/network traffic monitoring tool, developed for Unix/Linux modeled after etherman. EtherApe is free, open source software developed under the GNU General Public License. It displays network activity graphically. Hosts and links change in size with … Read more

Features And Installation Of Kivy Designer On Ubuntu Linux 16.04


Kivy Designer is Kivy’s tool for designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from Kivy Widgets. You can compose and customize widgets, and test them. It is completely written in Python using Kivy. Kivy Designer is integrated with Buildozer and Hanga, so you can easily develop and publish your applications to Desktop and Mobile devices. It organizes … Read more