illume OS 2.1.2 has been Released, See the Installation Guide

illume OS Boot Options

illume OS is a free and open source Debian based Linux distribution that is especially designed to run on note books, laptops and computers for students. It is very efficient, lightweight, stable and flexible Linux operating system that supports both 32 and 64 bit hardware platforms and ISO images and Live DVDs are available in both … Read more

The Audio Player Lollypop 0.9.35 is Out Now, How to install it on Ubuntu 15.04

Lollypop On fire

Lollypop is a GNOME music player whose latest version Lollypop 0.9.36 was released few days back. It is entirely written and developed in GTK+3 and Python. It is open source and a free intuitive music player especially designed for GNOME desktop environment. Features Here are the prominent features of the Lollypop newly released player: 1. … Read more

Classic Style Q4OS ‘Orion’ 1.2.5 Linux Distro is Out Now, See the Installation with Screenshots

Q4OS is ready

Q4OS is a Debian based Linux Distribution that is famous for its classic style desktop environment known as Trinity. Q4OS is a highly reliable operating system especially with a feature of Desktop Profiler with the help of which we can run the OS into different professional work modes. Q4OS live installation media will also be … Read more

How to Install GNU Octave 3.8.2 on Ubuntu 15.04

Doing some simple calculations

GNU Octave is a freely distributable scientific software that is primarily designed in Octave language that is an interpreted programming language similar to Matlab. The core purpose of GNU Octave is to perform numerical computations in order to find the numerical solution of the linear and non-linear problems. It is capable of supporting various data structures … Read more